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Reviews by experts who have played online casinos for over ten years reveal some variations from one casino to another based on the their customer support services, the software powering the game which makes playing casino games on some sites more smooth than on others, and the kind of bonuses offered. The online games are more uniform unlike the physical casinos where the European Baccarat is found in Europe while the American Baccarat is found in America. The online versions instead offer these as baccarat variants for players to choose as they wish.

The game is played against a banker and both the banker and the player are dealt two cards each face up. The player can bet on his hands, on the banker's hand or on a tie. Betting on a banker's hand requires that the house charge a commission of 5% on the banker's wins and the player is required to pay this at the end of the game before walking away. The rules are that the player and the banker are each supposed to add up the two cards dealt to them and see how close they are to nine. There is no busting and if the addition results in two digits then the first digit is removed. An eight and a nine are considered straight wins for either the banker or the player but if both get either an eight or nine then a tie is declared. A win is paid in the ratio of 2 to 1 while a tie is paid in the ratio of 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 in some casinos.

The baccarat game has no serious card counting strategy like in blackjack. But there are some baccarat tips a player may use to reduce their chances of loosing. One important tip is to be a little conservative. Make as low bets as possible because this is really a money minting game for the banker. It is better not to bet a tie which is looks lucrative but most often results in the player loosing his bet.

Rushmore Casino

Rushmore Casino offers an exclusive $888 bonus and an opportunity to enjoy the RTG software at baccarat tables. It permits plenty of deposit options is one of the top rated baccarat casinos online.

Cherry Red Casino

Cherry Red Casino features a wide variety of online casino games and is permits players from the U.S. It offers 100% bonus on deposit payment up to $777 for new players.

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