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Tamburin's Brief History

Henry first played blackjack in 1968 in Las Vegas one summer when he was a graduate student at Maryland University. Henry was with his wife during that visit and the idea of visiting Las Vegas was brought by Henry's fellow student. Upon arrival at their hotel they met a long waiting line and it is while waiting on the line that Henry decided to kill some time by trying his hands on blackjack. He had read about the game before but was not familiar with it yet. Meanwhile his wife proceeded with the checking in process and by the time she got the room key Henry had been beaten hands down. It is from there that he vowed to learn more about the game.

Henry has written over 700 articles and authored several books on casino gambling. He is a lecturer and a blackjack player and has featured on several radio and television program relating to gambling. He has a doctorate in chemistry and a strong background in mathematics which is helping him in his blackjack counting strategies. He once operated a blackjack school in New Jersey.

Henry's Books

Blackjack This is a valuable book introducing readers to blackjack games, card counting strategies, and other winning tactics. It emphasizes the importance of discipline in gambling and the need to know when to walk away. It was largely a culmination of his research and teachings at seminars.

In CrapsHenry discusses into detail the art of playing casino games. He introduces a new strategy called "Increase Odds" which is meant to enable the player maximize the winning chances. The book is basically introductory but may still be useful to intermediate blackjack players. It discusses basic strategies and various blackjack games.

Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling is a compilation of Henry's 100 best articles. It cover many topics including playing blackjack, slots, scraps, among others and advises on how to reduce odds and manage money prudently.

Blackjack: Take the Money and Run is one Henry's most famous book. This is more detailed book on blackjack discussing various aspects of the game including basic strategies, counting card techniques, making bets and managing a bankroll among others. It contains up to date information on gambling.

The Reference Guide to Casino Gaming describes rules and strategies for 25 games popularly played in leading gambling cities around the world. The 10 Best Casino Bets is another good book to read.

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