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John Patrick's Contributions

John Patrick is credited with authoring 15 successful books on gambling. He has conducted several seminars and made keynote addresses as key speaker or guest speaker on various radio and television shows. He hosted his TV show So You Wanna be a Gambler aired weekly on Financial News Network for 10 years with a large and loyal following. He has become a well known television personality and has been satirized on Cable Network Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live.

He features in the film Honeymoon in Vegas and also in a soap opera 'One Life to Live'. In all these shows he is represents professional gamblers. He has produced several commercials being aired in California, Colorado and Washington among other eastern states. On the whole he has appeared in over 500 radio and TV shows as a gambling expert. Patrick has produced more than 30 videos and casino games, sports handicapping and lottery.

Patrick's Success Strategies

Patrick considers four factors to be very important for success in gambling; bankrolling, knowledge of the game, money management and discipline. He considers the first two be very important while the other two to be imperative. His books and videos stress his obsession with discipline and money management. He believed that 90% of gamblers who entered casinos to game got head starts but that 70% of the 90% soon gave back the money. He has a very clear cut categorization of gamblers, experts and dopes, and believes the latter category have nothing doing in casinos.

Patrick considers baccarat gambling as a game which requires self discipline probably more than other games. You need to approach the game with a goal and a fall back position. If you can not win know where to stop and accept defeat. And if you win learn to walk away when you have met your goals. Do not stretch beyond certain limits as this only leads to regrets.

In the early 1960s in Las Vegas and on the Mississippi River boats, Patrick made so much losses and that is where he learnt the importance of discipline. He would make initial wins but end up giving it back due to some greed. From these instances he learnt that you should not seek to win a lot but at the same do not loose a lot. But he agrees that you need money to play any gambling game successfully.

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