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Winning Baccarat Strategies -First Effective Card Counting System for the Baccarat Casino Game.

Henry J. Tamburin

This book explores various card counting systems used in baccarat other possible strategies and baccarat tips that have been developed over the years by previous baccarat players. It gives these counting strategies a very critical assessment and acknowledges the fact that baccarat is a real chance game which to a large extent defies many rules of prediction. The book covers a lot of information on baccarat as a game assessing its pros and cons. The author admits that there are cases when baccarat card counting systems or strategies may help you assess the probability correctly and tell you when there really is a good prospect for understanding how to win baccarat, this is a very rare scenario and the time and effort required is not worth the effort.

Baccarat for Clueless - Beginner's Guide to Playing & Winning.

John May

John May's book is largely relevant to mini baccarat version of the game and explains in great detail what happens in a mini baccarat game. The book dwells more on the historical aspects and versions of the game but is not comprehensive enough since it does not cover some variations found in the game today. The strategies narrated here do not deal with the question as to what happens in cases where the casinos burn cards at the end of the game like many mini baccarat casinos do in Asia. Some casinos also minimize card counters and those shuffling cards which then require a different game plan from those narrated in this book.

John Patrick's Baccarat - How to Play & Win at the table with the Fastest Action & Highest Stakes.

John Patrick

This book goes into the details of playing baccarat and emphasizes the need to learn the rules and important basics. It stresses the need for a player to acquaint himself with sufficient skills and funds necessary to play the game. The fact that the game needs money to play successfully is made very clear since a player may be very dispirited while on a loosing trend and even suffer more losses. Having sufficient funds gives the player more room to maneuver in an effort to recoup some losses.

Basics of Baccarat Winning

Avery D. Cardoza

This is an easy to read quick introduction to the basics and concepts of Baccarat. It explains the different versions of the game and also the various card counting methods.

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